Purpose and values

The number of teams as well as the variety of their origin is what makes COSTA BLANCA CUP a scenario where the participating boys and girls have the opportunity to share not only sports but also personal experiences with young people from different cultures, nationalities, races and religions.

It is the very coexistence between them, which allows them to live in the first person, to understand and respect diversity, as an essential part of respect and tolerance. It is sport, in this case football, which becomes a transmitter of basic values ​​for the personal development of the young participants.

But in addition to this, the coexistence during a week of the group itself, outside its usual environment reinforces a series of values ​​inherent to the practice of team sports: teamwork, solidarity, effort, spirit of sacrifice, group cohesion…

All this, together with the promotion of sports as a means to achieve a healthy way of life, defines the essence of COSTA BLANCA CUP.


  • To promote the union of the participating team itself, by living together for several days outside the usual environment
  • Enjoy a holiday while practising your favourite sport
  • The enrichment of players by sharing experiences, both on and off the field, with participants from different countries
  • Offer a reward to players for their effort during the year