Program (30 June to 6 July 2019)

Arrival of teams

Teams will go to the meeting point which will be provided previously.
You will be given the tournament materials: the magazine (including information about groups, schedules, rules, non-sporting activities, general information, etc.), each participating player's card, etc.

Age control in the tournament offices

Here each player's age must be checked so it is important not to forget their original documents.

Accommodation registration

You will be given vouchers to access your chosen accommodation. It is very important that you do not go directly to the accommodation since you will not receive the keys of the rooms without the passes.

Matches throughout the day

We literally get the ball rolling. Football, the underlying reason for bringing together teams from many different nationalities, races and cultures, makes its appearance. There will be a company representative at every pitch to help you with anything you need.

Official team photograph

Every team will receive an official tournament photo. The picture will be taken 15 minutes before your first game.

Opening ceremony

Performances, fireworks, music and more. A great event full of colour and emotion in which the teams march through the streets of Benidorm, finishing on the stage where they will be welcomed by the organisation and where the tournament will be declared open.

Matches throughout the day

The qualifying matches continue. All results and league positions are available in real time, both on the tournament website and through mobile phones.

Matches throughout the day

Last day of qualifying matches. Throughout the day, which teams will go to the knockout rounds will be decided (Group A and Group B).

Coaches' match

All team coaches who feel up for it can sign up. It's a fun, friendly match in which all the adrenaline which has accumulated over time can be released. It's time to show the kids what a real football player looks like. Don't miss it!

Matches throughout the day

Tension, excitement, joy, disappointment. The knockout rounds begin with all teams which qualified.

Gala dinner with team leaders

It consists of a ceremony attended by two representatives from each club. The Mayor or the Councillor for Sports of one of the host locations will receive them and offer them a few words followed by a dinner.

Matches throughout the day and first finals

The knockout stages continue, reaching the final for certain age groups.

Football party

This is a kind of goodbye party for the teams. It will consist of a combination of music and dance with a ​​souvenir exchange area (T-shirts, hats, pins, etc.).

Finals day

During the morning, the remaining finals are played. The teams march behind their respective flags, the line-ups are announced, and at the end of the match, the champions and runners-up are given their trophies.

The teams return home

A week full of intense emotions has come to an end. The teams prepare to return to their homes until the next tournament arrives.