July 5 to 11, 2020 Benidorm – Alicante (Spain)
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Kappa, new sports brand of the Costa Blanca Cup

Kappa, new sports brand of the Costa Blanca Cup

We are very pleased to inform you of the agreement reached with KAPPA as the tournament sports brand for the next two years.

Here’s a little of the brand’s history.
In 1969, its logo was born by accident. At a photo session for a swimsuit advert, a man and a woman were photographed sitting down and leaning back to back against each other, representing equality between men and women and their mutual support. This is where Kappa’s Omini logo was born.

In the 1980s, it became a leading brand adopted by the most important football clubs. The first team to wear the brand was Juventus from Turin. In the 1980s, other clubs would be dressed by Kappa, including AC Milan, AS Roma and Ajax. They would be joined in the next decade by teams like F.C. Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, Real Betis and Red Cross of Belgrade.

Towards 2000, Kappa no longer had many of its star teams. Juventus, Barcelona and Ajax had been away tempted by juicy contracts with the giants of the business. But the Italian brand had a new product prepared that was to have a forceful effect. This was its revolutionary Kombat shirt model, first worn in 2000 by AS Roma and by the Italian national team. It was made from a new fabric that was extremely comfortable and elastic, and was improved in successive versions, becoming Increasingly light and ventilated.

We are currently in the proces of choosing the tournament shirt. We will keep you informed!




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