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Costa Blanca Cup INCLUSIVE: the CBC 2020 reiterate its facet of inclusive tournament

Costa Blanca Cup INCLUSIVE: the CBC 2020 reiterate its facet of inclusive tournament

The Costa Blanca Cup is an international youth football tournament that will reach its twenty-sixth edition in July 2020.

One of the pillars on which the tournament is based is its international character teams from all over Spain and from multiple countries that meet for a week to share both sports and personal experiences and enjoy a week of vacation practicing tourism..
Throughout the editions of the CBC that is played at the same time more than 4,900 teams have participated in the tournament representing 68 countries from the five continents.

It is thanks to this international character that we can achieve one of the main objectives of the tournament that is to contribute to the personal enrichment of the players by sharing experiences inside and outside the field of play with participants of different genders, races, cultures and customs.

The INCLUSIVE project of the Costa Blanca Cup includes the inclusion of young players with intellectual disabilities in this integral experience. The Costa Blanca Cup Inclusive not only aims to be a sports competition for young footballers with intellectual disabilities. Our goal is to make available to the inclusive football teams a tournament of the characteristics of the Costa Blanca Cup.

SWe know that sports practice is very important as an integrating element for children with disabilities. We know that it also provides many physical and psychological benefits, and we believe that the environment in which this sport is practiced can be very relevant.

Undoubtedly, interaction with the rest of the participants in a more motivating environment will facilitate the development of their skills. We intend that athletes with disabilities take advantage of their participation in the Costa Blanca even to live with more than 4,000 girls from 25 different countries. In this way, they can share experiences and grow culturally both inside and outside the playing fields. In this way, you have the possibility to participate in the fantastic opening and closing ceremonies offered by the tournament, which share sports and hotel facilities with the rest of the participants. In short, they should be integrated as another category of sport and be part of the Costa Blanca Cup family, but much more important than what we can contribute is what they will bring us.

We will have the opportunity to learn that everything they do, they do with passion and that they are absolutely capable of facing life. They will teach us to value the contributions they make to society in general and to sports in particular.
Its inclusion in the Costa Blanca Cup will contribute to the disappearance of many of the labels and break with stereotypes will generate enormous solidarity and empathy among all participants, offering them the possibility of knowing and respecting diversity.

Ultimately, the inclusive project of the Costa Blanca Cup aims, on the one hand, to offer children with intellectual disabilities the possibility of integrating themselves into a sporting and social environment that contributes to the development of their abilities and, another, to promote the recognition of their abilities and their merits and contributes to give visibility and transfer their achievements to the whole society.




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